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Hi, I just found this community, it seems like a wonderful idea.

As suggested in the user info shit, I should post my five favorite books? Which is hard. But I cannot put them in any particular order, so here they are:

catcher in the rye -- jd salinger
breakfast of champions -- vonnegut
marabou stork nightmares -- irvine welsh
the bell jar -- sylvia plath
franny and zooey -- jd salinger

as you can see, i'm a modern american lit junkie. I also really dig vonnegut, chuck palahniuk, don delillo, and brett easton ellis.

right now i'm reading timequake by kurt vonnegut, and so far, so good. i just finished lullaby by chuck palahniuk...sooooo good, it took me two days. the concept of a song/rhyme that can kill people is so insane and almost creepy. makes you think, you know?
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