The Dance and The Darkness (hallow000) wrote in turning_pages,
The Dance and The Darkness


im new here. crystal found it so it sounded neat so im in. top five favorite books.

1. less than zero by bret easton ellis. pretty much anything by him. i had it hard coming up with this choice.
2. on the road by jack kerouac.
3. choke by chuck palahniuk.
4. the bell jar by slyvia plath.
5. surfacing by maragaret atwood.

big fan of the moralist novel and contemporary stuff. im in the middle of reading too many things right now. i need to get working on it. i got lullabby by chuck palaniuk, wuthering heights by bronte, and farenheit 241 by bradbury along with a bunch of weird poetry books that i bought at building 19 for a dollar. i read one of em last night and it seems like a bell jar rip off by by a 13 year old without all the good wording. its called "speak" and its by laurie halse anderson. something like 200 pages of "no one likes me and everyone can die". i wouldnt suggest it. gets boring after awhile.

hi crystal.
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lullabby is friggin insane
you'll love it
thanx. its been eerie so far and im about halfway thorugh. i dont know if its just me but anything that has to do with the death of infants morridies me.
its just a really creepy idea that you can accidently kill your child with a lullaby
ps hi robby! :-D

( i just finished lullaby too! it was amazing. you will love it.)