The Dark Lord of the Duck Pond (judas) wrote in turning_pages,
The Dark Lord of the Duck Pond

Teh Slacker! <----that's me =P

So I just began a new (old) Clive Barker book called Everville and imagine my surprise when i realized that it was actually a sequel to The Great and Secret Show! Fun fun fun =) Anyway, it's a 'just-started' book so I have no review of it yet but I will say that it did manage to catch me within the first chapter so I'm rather optimistic about it.

I haven't been reading as much lately since I just got my wisdom teeth out and the painkillers make me pass out too quickly when I try to focus for too I've found movies to be my friends (since we don't get TV channels in my house). Alas, hopefully I'll be back to 1-2 books/week in no time =)
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