The Dark Lord of the Duck Pond (judas) wrote in turning_pages,
The Dark Lord of the Duck Pond


dear bookwurms,

*sigh* so what do you guys do when theres a story you want to read, you are halfway through it, but it just wont "catch" you. im reading Everville by Clive Barker and its driving me insane. i like the plotline. enjoy the writing style, find the characters to be likable/despicable, and want to know what happens but i find myself reading less because i cant seem to get myself to devour more than a chapter (or sometimes even half of one) at a time.

i want to finish it but its starting to drive me y'all think i should grit my teeth and finish it up or scrap it and read something else? im too indecisive to make the choice :P


ps - i am already reading my usual load of philosophical text and theory on the side but its mainly the recreational reading im currently worried about. i already tried reading 2 books on the side but i finished the other one without even picking up my nemesis book *laugh*
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